visual pun #1

first of all, I would like to point out that the subject line RHYMES.

ok. I have started to do a thing where I make a pun that has a pic to go along with it and then post it here. great. here it is.

 mark wahlberg margarita

In honor of the new calvin klein ads featuring one justin bieber based off of ads good old wahlberg did in earlier years (or at least that's what the internet has taught me). Nowadays, instead of flaunting rippled abs and small underwear items, our pal Margy Marg can be found trying to erase racially-motivated hate crimes he has committed in his past in order to open some burger restaurants. There are a lot of burgers out there, Marg, do you really need to try to use your rich white celebrity power to get more out there? I realize your burger restaurant name is a pun, but really? r u drunk? drunk off margs???

ps: I am tickled by all of the talk/controversy(???) of how bieber's crotch was allegedly enhanced in size by the magic of photoshop. firstly, what a dumb thing to be going on about, and secondly the klein in CALVIN KLEIN means SMALL in German. g o t c h a ! Oh, how I love language.