the creepy blonde girl herself


Cassidy Dawn Graves (CDG; she/they) is a writer, producer/curator, and musician. Lately, she does arts and culture journalism, curates and hosts variety shows, and performs original music that’s sometimes comedic and usually about sex. BFA with honors from NYU Tisch's Playwrights Horizons Theater School.

As a musician: Cassidy writes indie folk-pop-rock music (aka involves guitars, but hard to describe) both solo and with a full band. Songs are sometimes about UTIs and arms in vaginas, sometimes about anxiety and shitty men.

As a producer/curator: Creator of the Am I Write, Ladies? performance series and the monthly variety benefit show Queers N Peers, she has also produced an evening of live radio dramas and food (created with Ani Rider), an open mic for playwrights on a rooftop, the world premiere of Anderson Cook's play Shatter, and Ry Szelong's Interabang at Ars Nova's Ant Fest.

As a journalist: She has written on topics such as theater reviews she hated, queer nightlife, City Council hearings, men’s skincare memes, BDSM Twitter culture, and more for The Nation, MEL Magazine, Garage, Paper Mag, INTO, Bitch Media, Gothamist, and NY Mag's Bedford + Bowery, completed a thesis on representation of BDSM in American theater, and presented research at the Comparative Drama Conference. 

As a theater artist, Cassidy recently wrote and performed The Sexual Pioneers Talk Show, a research-based comedic talk show exploring early sexuality, and 50 Shades of Graves, an interactive sex education musical co-composed with Caitlin Cobb-Vialet. She’s also made plays about BDSM dungeon bathrooms, a trailer park community of sex offenders, and the gentrification of Times Square’s peep shows. Sensing a trend here? She doesn’t really do theater anymore but maybe if you paid her she would.

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