created by Cassidy Dawn Graves


Tune in to The Sexual Pioneers Talk Show! Hosted by Cassidy Dawn Graves (sexually inquisitive) and Davy Crockett (actual pioneer), this spirited show seeks to investigate the first people in recorded history to perform sex acts, from blowjobs to vore and everything in between. All their information may not be the most accurate, but they have a lot of heart.

first produced on July 8, 2017 as as part of the Dixon Place HOT! Festival of Queer Culture

featuring Cassidy Dawn Graves, Nikki Vega, Chase Montavon, Willie Zabar, Harrison Scott, Nicholas Sanchez, Bear Spiegel, Leor Freedman, and Eliah Eason

with music by Andy Waldron + Sailor Boyfriend

design by Jaye Hunt, Ryan Courtney, Sean Pollock

research contributions by Reed Clovis and Stephanie Guedalia

directed by Jenna Antoniades
stage managed by Megan Bandelt
poster design by Jesse Jae Hoon Eisenberg
photos by Cait Weisensee


an interactive sex education musical by Cassidy Dawn Graves
with original music by CDG and Caitlin Cobb-Vialet


Is sex frustrating and confusing you? Stroll on over to our classroom for some learning and games! Let us take you on a silly journey of carnal knowledge through song, dance, hand motions, games, and even more... Come play Vagina Jeopardy, Guess The Consent, learn about the perils/joys of sexting, meet some infections, the fun goes on and on...!

first produced in November 2015 in the black box at 440 studios, in association with playwrights horizons theater school at nyu tisch

featuring Cassidy Dawn Graves, Caitlin Cobb-Vialet, Sara Kommer, Neo Cihi, Meg Comerford
stage managed by Caitlin Moore
assistant direction and sound design by Stephanie Guedalia, scenic design: Benjamin Pitt, props design: JB Douglas, asst props design: Isabelle Fenn, lighting design: Richard Platt, asst lighting: Anna Needham, costume design: Jessica Dukatt, media design: Jaye Hunt

promo photos by Anthony Disparte, production photos by Erin McGrath


dan rider, rick phelps, and harrison scott in  palace park  at  am i write, ladies?  at downtown art

dan rider, rick phelps, and harrison scott in palace park at am i write, ladies? at downtown art

a play by Cassidy Dawn Graves
current work-in-progress

Trent is just an average guy who's down on his luck: he's forced to move out of his place with his girlfriend and into some trailer park he found on Craigslist. Shortly after arriving he realizes that this is not your average trailer park, but is home to a community of ostracized sex offenders.

Initially workshopped at NYU Tisch and Am I Write, Ladies? in 2014
Directed by Cassidy Dawn Graves
Featuring Harrison Scott, Dan Rider, Paige Acevedo, and Rick Phelps

Excerpt shown at Undiscovered Countries, November 2015
Directed by Jaye Hunt
Featuring Dan Rider, Charlie Manoukian, Patrick Daly, and Eliana Gottesman



The Net Nanny was created and developed through the Creating Original Work class at NYU/PHTS, culminating in a workshop performance for the public at the Robert Moss Theatre in May 2014. An updated version was done at Undiscovered Countries in July 2015.

Stephanie just wants to explore her sexual curiosities on the internet, but where did her computer go? Enter The Net Nanny: talking, walking computer machine in the form of a 1950s pun-loving mother, who might just be Stephanie's prying mom in disguise. She thinks adventures are better than googling anything dirty and loves good, clean fun—emphasis on clean!

she's the net nanny
she's here to clean
she's the neatest nanny that you ever did see! 

Performed by Cassidy Dawn Graves and Stephanie Guedalia.



conceived/devised/directed by Cassidy Dawn Graves
created in collaboration with the cast
inspired by Real Things That Actually Happened

Josie, Sparkle, Ginny, and newcomer Kenny Lingus find their home in The Playpen's peep show. Randi mans The Funny Store by day, peddling fake noses and beards to the more embarrassed peep patrons, and dances in the peeps by night. Meanwhile, that rent just creeps higher and higher. What do a peep show and a joke shop mean to Times Square, and what do we lose when they're gone? Back in Times Square explores historic theatre 693 8th Avenue, home of the Playpen peep show and the Funny Store joke shop, as well as countless other venues of cinema, sex, and performance throughout history. Demolished in 2007, that address is now... Shake Shack. 

Created over a semester, performed April 2015 in the Studio Theatre at 721 Broadway, in association with Playwrights Horizons Theater School at NYU Tisch.

Devised and directed by Cassidy Dawn Graves
Stage Management: JB Douglas | Scenic Design: Kelly Petrie | Lighting Design: Paulina Rugart | Sound Design: Kyle Rogers | Costume Design: Frieda Celeste Dunkelberg | Assistant Props Design: Rachel Deutsch
Project Mentor: Neal Medlyn

Featuring: Hector Fortun, Hannah Howzdy, Amy King, Rachel Lepore, Maggie Mihalcik

Photos by Rick Graves


linnea gregg in  nacho ordinary dungeon visit  in the radioactive fest at the robert moss theatre

linnea gregg in nacho ordinary dungeon visit in the radioactive fest at the robert moss theatre

a comedic play by Cassidy Dawn Graves
2 actors: 1 female, 1 male
Runtime: 10 minutes

The shy Michael has finally decided to go to a BDSM dungeon and visit a dominatrix. Things don’t go exactly as planned and his anxiety leaves him overwhelmed and hiding in a bathroom stall. Try as he might, he can’t hide forever and must face his desires head-on when the aggressive domme Julia finds and confronts him. These two people learn a little something about each other and themselves through their desires and fears, and realize they have more in common than they think. 

Developed at NYU Tisch

First premiered at The Radium Girls' Radioactive Festival, May 2014
Directed by Jenna Antoniades
Costume design by Emma Dolhai
Featuring Linnea Gregg and Harrison Scott